Friday, June 11, 2010

the middle

I'm in Alice Springs right now, which is in the middle of Australia. I got here the night before last and leave early tomorrow morning to go to Ayers Rock.

The tour is going well so far! The 21-day trip is broken into different segments, so the people / bus / tour guide change every couple of days but there are a few of us in it for the long run. We usually get up early and driver for several hours each day with different stops, sights and activities en route. Most of the other people on the tour are in their mid to late 20s and pretty well travelled. It's been great so far and I have a lot of stories that will have to wait until my next post as my internet time is very limited right now!

I left my laptop and cell phone in Sydney, and have spent most of the last week in areas that don't even have cell phone reception. It's strange (but good!) that this is my new normal...