Friday, June 25, 2010

you live, you learn

One of the things I love about travelling is how much random stuff you learn. I'm going to collect and share this type of stuff every once in awhile based on my latest observations, thoughts and experiences. Here's the first round:

- If you lay still when you wake up, it's easier to remember your dreams.
- Kangaroo tastes like beef.
- A lot of small town bars in the outback don't play any music unless you put money into the music video jukebox.
- The concept of ownership does not exist in Aboriginal culture.
- There are BBQs in random public places in Australia that anyone can use.
- As a foreigner, you need to provide a passport to buy pre-paid mobile phone service in Australia.
- It's easier to be on a gluten-free diet in the outback than to be vegetarian.
- The real Grand Canyon is in Australia. (The one in the US is actually a gorge.)
- Pennies are no longer used here. If you're paying with cash, the total will be rounded to the nearest 5 cents.
- Kangaroos and emus can't travel backwards.
- There's a brand of crackers here that's called Shapes because each flavour has a different shape of cracker... Despite our tour guides having these constantly available as snacks, it took me exactly 2 weeks to figure this one out! I'm going to take this as a sign of a good vacation :)
- Security at parliament is much tighter than security at the airport for domestic flights.
- Gmail has a feature that can help prevent you from sending email while drunk.
- There may be no such thing as free lunch, but there's definitely free champagne!

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